Emma Peel is currently working on their third album with Frans Hagenaars.

Sunday 26th of february Emma Peel plays an acoustic set at Haarlem. (private party)

Listen to an hour long radio special with interview with Klaas & Bibian last January on Wreck this Mess radio

About Emma Peel

Emma Peel makes her own kind of popmusic with a hint of country and a shred of americana. The warm melancholic voice of singer/bassplayer bibian harmsen together with the versatile guitar playing of Klaas ten Holt are the key features of this dutch, amsterdam based band.

For their third album they are recording with Alan Purves on drums and Joost Buis playing trombone and lapsteel guitar to complete that special Emma Peel sound.

The band has released two albums: Emma Peel and Microgynon Girl. The band performed the titlesong ‘The Paralax; of succesfull movie De Passievrucht. Currently they are working on their third album with Frans Hagenaars.

You can order their first album ‘Emma Peel’ and second album ‘Microgynon girl’. Price: 15 euro each, including postal service. Transfer to┬áING. 93.52.415, Triple S records, Amsterdam and make sure to tell us where to send the cd(s)!
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Emma Peel are:

  • Bibian Harmsen: vox, bass, iPad
  • Klaas ten Holt: guitars banjo, cracklebox, backvox
  • Alan Purves: drums and percussion
  • Joost Buis: lapsteel, trombone

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